Love It: American Apparel Skirt/Dress

American Apparel tends to stray a little to the edgier side of our tastes most of the time. By that we mean that their advertisements border on just plain weird and there are some items of clothing in their store that will never make sense to us. (We’d recommend avoiding the D.I.Y. Halloween section of their Website unless you’re prepared to see more than one man in very tight green leggings.)

However, when it comes to staples like t-shirts, leggings, and comfy dresses and skirts, there are few places with their selection. And right now we love this black skirt (also available in navy and Champagne). Designed to be high waisted, it’s cute, stylish, and easy-to-wear. And, it can be worn as skirt or dress. We’ll take one in each color, thank you.

For more of their American-made stuff, check out the American Apparel store in South End or their new shop at SouthPark.

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