Love It: Anthropologie Fall Collection

Yesterday, I found myself at SouthPark mall, as I often do. And, as I also often do, I was pretending I have excessive amounts of money to spend on clothing and trying on various apparel. This dress, a Plenty by Tracy Reese design, was thrown into a stack of other dresses in my Anthropologie dressing room, until I tried it on—then it became the I-have-to-have-this dress that I carried around the store for half an hour trying to convince myself that there are plenty of occasions for wearing a black mesh one shoulder dress.

I left it on the rack. Mostly because gas prices have put a bit of a pinch on my budget of late and choosing to purchase the $288 dress would have been choosing not to eat next week. However, I fully intend to stalk it until it goes on sale (or until I finally just cave and decide I can skip a week of food).

It’s actually only one of many great new fall items at Anthropologie right now. So, if you’re looking for some new wardrobe options…or just like to shop as much as we do… it’s a good spot to hit the next time you’re out.

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