Love It: Big Gold Earrings

Alright, time to lay a little childhood trauma on you. As a wee one, I had the misfortune of growing a pair of ears that were slightly too large for my child-size head. I had adult-sized ears before the rest of me could catch up. (I also wore women’s adult size shoes, like in a size 8, when the rest of my friends were still growing out of their Stride Rites, but we’ll save that for another blog). I was called Dumbo by some unimaginative school children (and once, Ross Perot by a slightly more educated and clever school child), and was obviously very sensitive about the whole “ear issue.”

As an adult, I am happy to say that the ratio of ear to head has diminished significantly, but the neuroses remain. As a result, I rarely wear my hair all the way up and I have a strict no-baseball cap rule. However, my slightly oversized appendages do afford me one advantage: I can pull off some big earrings. My largest collection of oversize earrings is all in the gold family. There is something glam about framing your face with gold that peeks out from behind your hair and occasionally gleams when the light hits it just right. My new favorite look? Gold plated with intricate designs like these above from Eileen in South End.

What’s your take on big, bold earrings? Does it take a certain type of face to pull them off? – J

(photo by Chris Edwards)

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