Love It: Black Denim

For many years there have been several things on my list of “what to NEVER wear under any circumstances, no matter how tempting it may be.” However, recent times have confused me.

I was sure that I was supposed to never wear scrunchies (thank you SJP and crew for forever deeming those unfashionable), but then in August I noticed that every gymnast in the world apparently didn’t get that memo. And it’s not that I’m taking style cues from gymnasts, but they seem to be fashionable enough.

I also thought that stirrup pants/leggings were long since filed away as a bad memory in my 7th grade yearbook, but on a recent shopping trip not only did I see them, but I was actually tempted to purchase them! (They are, after all, very functional as well as comfortable. Not unlike, say, a scrunchie.)

The final trend that indicates that either a) the world is coming to an end or b) all fashion really does return? Black jeans. And not just black jeans. Tapered, tight, skinny black jeans. Want to know a secret? I want a pair. Just like these from Paige Premium Denim. They’re fun, slimming, different from the boring old blue, and would look awesome with a flowy top and heels.

If someone had told me five years ago I think I would have scoffed, “A pair of skinny black jeans? What’s next scunchies and stirrup pants?”

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