Love It: Citisoles

Remember the first time you saw a pair of Spanx? And you thought, “That’s so brilliant. Why didn’t I think of that?” Yeah, well, here we go again. Enter Citisoles.

These are light and foldable ballet flats that you slip into a pouch small enough to squeeze into your little “going out for the evening” bag. Then, after “the evening” has turned into hours of walking from cocktails to dinner to more cocktails to hours of dancing and suddenly those sexy stillettos you threw on at the start of the night have actually turned into your worst enemy, you pull out the Citisoles. Slip them on to your aching feet and then unfurl that little pouch: it becomes a tote bag perfect for holding your now hated heels.

This is pure genius. As a repeat offender of walking barefoot in places where it’s not really socially acceptable—or probably safe—I couldn’t be more excited about this idea. Want a pair of your own? Check out their Web site at