Love It: D&G Spring 09

While we’re very aware the current state of the economy (it’s hard not to be in Charlotte in particular right now), in some ways it’s cheering to see that much of the fashion world seems oblivious. The Hills characters are designing $500 dresses, flats are selling for several hundred bucks, and even H&M is putting out expensive lines. Check out the runways and its easy to forget the doom and gloom of Wall Street. And, after the last few days, it’s nice to forget at least for a little while.

Which is why we’re totally, completely, head-over-heels in love with Dolce and Gabbana’s spring line that debuted in Milan last week. This dress in particular looks so romantic and whimsical, it’s easier to imagine it in a fairytale than in real life. And that’s convenient because, well, the likelihood of this dress appearing in our real life is equivalent to mice singing and pumpkins turning into carriages. We’re just crossing our fingers the look will trickle down to the masses and maybe some smart designer will create a comparable look for less.

Until then, we’ll just stare and dream.

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