Love It: Dries Van Noten Spring 2010

For the most part, Jenn and I keep our envy of style writers who attend international fashion shows to a minimum. After all, on days like today (when Conde Nast shut down three major magazines), we’re just glad to have a place that is still paying us to work.

However, we are quite unbearably envious of those lucky few who got to see the Paris Dries Van Noten show last week. The fashion blogosphere—and the regular news outlets for that matter—can’t seem to stop talking about the fabulous colors, gorgeous designs, and overall general dazzling excellence of Van Noten’s Spring 2010 collection. For a few glimpses of the collection, check out WWD’s coverage. It’s stunning.

Locally, you can find Dries Van Noten at Capitol. I don’t think it’s anywhere else in Charlotte, but please correct me in the comments if I’m wrong. In the meantime, enjoying being just as envious as we are.

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