Love It: Extra Long shirts

I’m 5’10”, which by normal standards is kind of on the tall side for girls. This means that when I’m searching for clothes, one of my first concerns is length. While most of my friends have to get their jeans hemmed, I’m usually more concerned with purchasing pairs that are long enough not to bare my ankles. And that whole short dress trend that seems to be all the rage these days? Not exactly conducive to my height unless I’m going for the look that Julia Roberts pulls in her first scenes in Pretty Woman.

However, there is one trend that I LOVE right now because it just works with height: the extra long shirt. And while I have mixed feelings on the flowy versions of the extra long shirt, I think the fitted ones like these from eileen in South End are perfect. They can make simple jeans look a little more on the trendy side and there is absolutely no risk that these are every going to come up too far. Best of all? Between their length and stretchy fit, they’re flattering for almost all figures. Oh, and also, they’re only $32.