Love It: Feast-friendly dresses

It was Thanksgiving 2002. The place: London, England. A dozen American students studying abroad chose to celebrate this most essential of holidays by baking and making their favorite dish from home to share with their fellow classmates. There was tangy, hot hard cider, thick fragrant pies, fluffy, buttery potatoes, and then there was the Corn Pudding.  Corn pudding was Sarah’s carb-filled contribution to the feast, and due to limited cooking space, it was one of the last things to go the oven. As a result, most people had already eaten their fill long before the timer on the corn pudding ding-ed it’s readiness.  Even Sarah herself had forgotten about the delicious, creamy delicacy that was still bubbling in the oven, but once it was remembered, she became determined that her favorite side dish would not go unenjoyed.   I’ll spare you the details, but needless to say, about an hour later, Sarah was lying prone on our bedroom floor moaning, begging for death to take her. I joined her on the ground and we both lamented the uncomfortable pinch of our waistbands.   Oh Thanksgiving, how you bloat us. 

It is with that story in mind that I bring to you this post full of fun, flirty, pretty dresses from Nordstrom that are all under $150. Best of all, each of these frocks is a fabulous disguise for the less-than-flattering side effects of all those Turkey Day indulgences. 
For ultimate comfort, we suggest an adjustable, classic wrap dress like this one by BCBG or a playful empire-waist style like this one by Free People.  Another tactic: distract the eye away from your midsection with a striking neckline like the one on this dress by Maggy London or with some dramatic sleeves like these bold bell shaped ones from Muse or fluttering ones like those on this Donna Morgan dress. Also, never underestimate the merits of the sweater dress. They are comfy, loose-fitting, they look great with leggings (much less pinchy than tights). We like this grey, cowl-neck one from Maggy London.  For a more tailored look, hide your tummy pooch behind the gathered waistline of a shift dress like this red one from Suzi Chin . The tucks provide a natural little convex pocket right where you need it, while keep the rest of you looking polished. 
Do you have any favorite figure-friendly dresses you love to don on Thanksgiving? Send us a picture! 
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