Love It: Green Hues

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! In honor of this famed Irish holiday, we’ve picked a few stylish green items that, were you wearing them right now, could have prevented that pinching you received this morning. Also, we just like them. After all, going green is in.

J. Crew Patent Leather Flats (above) – They’re only available in a size 8 online—and they’re $39.99 down from $150. If you call J.Crew (1-800-562-7422), they’re still available in other sizes in some stores.

Melie Bianco distressed satchell in green
– Available for $68 at Eileen in South End.

Soiree Ring, a vintage cabochon ring
– Available for $38 at Anthropologie at SouthPark.

Amanda Uprichard ruffle front kelly green dress
– Available for $198 at Petal in Dilworth.

Akiko Chiffon top in emerald green
– Available for $77 at Bella Ropa in Birkdale.