Love It: Juicy Couture Gladiator Sandals

I always find that I’m surprised when I like something from Juicy Couture. I think this is because it’s hard for me to imagine enjoying products from a company famous for velour sweat pants with the word “Juicy” written across the back. I just can’t condone that.

However, when it doesn’t include extraneous rhinestones or phrases that border on trashy, I actually really like quite a few things from Juicy. Right now, for example, these gladiators from Nordstrom are at the top of my “Gee, I wish the economy was better because then I would buy these” list.

I love them. They’re the perfect shade of gold; just bright and shiny enough. And they’ve managed to pull off the edgy gladiator look, while still staying delicate and feminine. They’re the perfect match for the summer’s stylish dresses. I think I will start saving… and hoping for a sale.

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