Love It: Louboutin Boots

If you are a woman—or just someone who loves fashion—you know that there are “shoes” and then there are “priceless pieces of joy for your feet that are actually part of your destiny.” These Christian Louboutin boots fall under the latter for me. They’re in this week’s Fall Fashion issue of New York Magazine and they are stunning.

Unfortunately, they’re only available at Saks Fifth Avenue. We don’t have one of those yet in Charlotte.

Also unfortunately, they cost $1,995. Not to give you too much insight into my finances, but I’m pretty sure I’d either have to give up eating or living in a place with a roof to purchase them.

Also unfortunately, to get the full effect of wearing boots that reach this high, one would have to wear a skirt that is shorter than anything I’ve worn since 1993.

Alas though, a girl can dream, right?

(They’re not the same. They’re barely even close. But if you too have a taste for purple suede boots with high heels, there’s a pair of Jessica Simpson brand boots for $158 right now at Nordstrom. They’re in Charlotte. They won’t cost you your life savings. And they come up to a relatively normal height. They’re not destiny, but they’ll do.)