Love It: Pashminas and Large Scarves

Yeah, yeah, I know. “2002 called, it wants its accessory back.” I don’t care. I love me some pashminas. I love them so much that I’ve recently taken to wearing two of them twisted together for a complementing color effect. I wear them in the summer, winter, spring, and fall. I love the way they drape, I love the way they wrinkle, I love spending 35 minutes in front of the mirror in my front hall trying to find a new funky way to wrap it before heading out the door. I love that they work as a wrap for formal occasions and I especially love that they don’t have to be expensive to look expensive. My favorite place to score cheap pashminas is H&M, but, alas, Charlotte continues to torture me by not having an H&M. Until we do get one (I like to talk about it as if it is inevitable and possibly soon, if only to fool myself), you can find a decent selection of nicely priced large scarves (like those above) from GAP in SouthPark. – Jenn

What do you think? Are large scarves and pashminas out or eternally in?

(photo courtesy of GAP)

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