Love It: Sephora Palette

Sephora has started pulling out the holiday goodies and we couldn’t be happier. This “Ultimate Blockbuster- Collector’s Edition” ($48) is definitely going on our wish list this year. I’m a firm believer that every girl should have some kind of variety pack of this sort in her make up repertoire. This isn’t the make up you pull out every day for just any look.

But, when Saturday night rolls around and you’re looking to glam up your pucker or make your eyes really pop with a exciting color, this little guy should be in the bottom of your drawer. With bright hues and dramatic shades, it’s a nice little way of announcing to the world “I’m trendy—oh, and also, I’m hot.”

So let’s see… today is Friday… maybe it’s time for a trip to Sephora this afternoon?

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