Love It: SJP’s New Look in SATC The Movie Part Two

And so I ask myself, “Could it be possible that Carrie Bradshaw is wearing something that an actual normal human person could potentially wear in real life?”

I think it is.

This. Is. Adorable. It is classy, it looks comfy, it’s easy to accessorize, it goes great with her tan and her “Why yes, I did let my hair air dry while drinking mimosas on the balcony of my fabulous new married-girl apartment” hairdo! This actually looks like a dress I (and other normally proportioned ladies of America) could own and love owning. I mean, granted I probably can’t afford it, but I could DEFINITELY afford a knock-off of it, and I’d be happy with that.

Also, I happen to love that she’s carrying her fancy little metallic clutch and then this big-momma bag. I do this all the time, though I should clarify that my giant addendum bag is usually a recyclable green bag from Harris Teeter, not something as chic as the one she’s toting.

If this is what we can expect from SATC Part Deux, then count me in, Carrie and friends!

What do you think, Shop Talkers? Are you hungry for more photos of the gang in their designer garb?

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