Love It: Tea & Honey

I get really excited when I “discover” new lines. I say put the quotes there because sometimes my discovery comes a little later than the rest of the fashion world. Last year I thought I’d made a major breakthrough by finding out that Gypsy 05 maxi dresses were the most comfortable thing I’d ever put on my body. Then my friend pointed out an article in a magazine from six months before that said the exact same thing. Oops.

I’m hoping I’m not too far behind in finding out about Tea and Honey, my new favorite line by Rachel Koo, a southern California designer whose flowy dresses and tops are simple and bohemian all at once. I LOVE them.

Here in Charlotte, you can find them at Nordstrom (top above is on sale for $51.90 right now) and The Pink Hanger, just in time for the spring weather they’re made for.

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