Love It: Urban Outfitters Hair Accessories

Ok, Sarah here. I’m going to go ahead and establish that because while for the most part Jenn and I agree on fashion and style, we do have our differences (see every entry on Gossip Girl) and this is definitely one such difference. I am obsessed with Urban Outfitters entire current selection of women’s hair accessories.

I want these headbands that go around the head for the days I’m feeling casual and bohemian—and when I want to look a little like Mischa Barton or an Olsen twin. And I really want these cocktail clips for the nights when I’m feeling glamorous and sophisticated—and when I want to look a little like Kate Middleton or Sarah Jessica Parker.

Warning: I’ve sported the round-the-head band several times over the last several months and truth be told, the reception in Charlotte has not always been totally positive. And while I haven’t tried donning something called a cocktail clip for a night out here, I suspect it may receive the same result.

But hey, what’s the fun in fashion if no one is looking at you like you’re a little crazy?