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small acts of everyday love

Remember yesterday when I said I was a firm believer in daily reminders of affection? Well, in honor of tomorrow's holiday, I thought I'd share a list of 10 ways you can share the love each day. Just as married life goes far beyond the wedding day, gestures of love go far beyond Valentine's Day. No need for gifts. These acts of endearment are priceless. 

1. Postal Service

Slip a hand-written note into his coat pocket before he leaves for work in the morning. We've become so dependent upon text message, email and social media for modes of communication. A short note–even as simple as "I love you," will be the perfect surprise to brighten his work day. Bonus points for a page-length love letter!

2. Salutations

Say 'good morning' each morning, no exceptions. Starting off the day with a cheerful greeting is an instant mood booster. Stressful yesterday? Sleepless night? Let it go. Each day is a new day. Studies say that couples who are greeted by one another each morning report higher levels of satisfaction in their marriages. 

3. Good Sport

Whether it's Monday Night Football or his news network of choice, take a seat on the couch next to him and watch. Don't force him to cheer on his favorite team solo. Share in his excitement–and get in some prime cuddling time!

4. The Anti-Nag

Don't fuss over the little things. Nagging over miniscule tasks will only wear you both down. If the task is small but it means a great deal to you, assign it to yourself, not to him. Just remind yourself that you are completing it for you and your own satisfaction. 

5. Sous Chef

Though your work schedule may not allow for it every day, preparing a home-cooked meal goes a long way. Choose his favorite dish, set the table and pour two glasses of wine. Voila! At-home date night. 

6. Space Saver

Encourage him to take a boys' night every so often. It's important for both you and him to maintain friendships and spend time away from one another on occasion. Further, if he's had a rough day at the office and wants some alone time, give it to him. No guilt trips allowed. Once he's decompressed, he'll be grateful and appreciative of your support. 

7. Family Matters

Plan time to spend with his family. Throw a dinner party or invite them over for cocktails. Put in the effort with his parents and siblings and cultivate the closeness you have with your own. 

8. Question Game

Ask him questions each and every day. Anything from work day details to his score on the golf course. Show your steadfast interest in the everyday happenings of his life. 

9. Play Nice

Resolve yourself to compliment him once each day. Whether it's his shirt and tie combo or a client meeting he nailed, give him some praise. He needs occasional reassurance just like you. 

10. Hug It Out

Give him a sweet embrace at least once a day. It's a proven mood lifter–and an easy way to bring the focus back to where it should be: on the love. 

photo: The Schultzes

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