Luck Of The Irish

Wedding Inspiration: St. Patrick's Day

I am forever daydreaming of days spent wandering the Irish countryside. Its rugged beauty and rolling greens I have no doubt are every bit as magical as I imagine. Ireland is quite near the top of my lengthy travel checklist. So with St. Patrick's Day just 'round the corner and a weekend of parades and festivals about to begin, I began musing bridal stylings for an overseas I do. You can imagine my delight upon stumbling on this positively stunning traditional Irish wedding. From the pastoral setting to cozy ensemble extras, I couldn't be more smitten with this folksy display of affection. So I found a few of my own pieces for you in case you're interested in recreating this unostentatious look for yourself, come wedding day. Happy St. Patrick's Day, ladies! Have a fabulous weekend. gown//headpiece//boots//cardigan//bracelet//clutch

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