Making Charlotte Smarter

We dubbed our August issue the "Geniuses and Big Ideas Issue." In it, we featured several ideas and innovators that hold promise of making a Charlotte a better, more interesting place to live. Now, two of the "geniuses" we featured in that issue are working together to make Charlotte a smarter city.


Mark Peres, publisher of Charlotte Viewpoint, and Tom Low, an urban planner who runs a group called Civic By Design, are teaming up to host a forum called A Smarter Charlotte: Enhancing Our Community Intelligence for the 21st Century. Details:

Charlotte is ranked the 6th ‘brainiest’ city among America’s largest municipalities based on residents with higher education degrees, but the 38th ‘smartest’ large American city when it comes to becoming a healthy and sustainable community positioned for success in the 21st century.  Why the gap?  Are we at risk of rapidly losing our quality of life because we are not creative enough?  What can we do to infuse our city with the intelligence needed for resilience and positive change?  How can Charlotte enhance and effectively draw upon its intelligence to thrive? Meet fellow citizens in a uniquely formatted micro-conference designed to create capacity for a smarter community.

It's Thursday October 15 at the Harvey B. Gantt Center. Details and registration here.