Master Closet and Attic

The owners of this SouthPark home had a common wish: more closet space. The profile of the mansard roof meant there was ample, unused space in the attic above the master bedroom. Last July, after five years in the house, the owners contacted architect Kent Lineberger, contractor Ben Collins of Salins Group, and designer Erin Vorhoff of Aida Interiors to take advantage of that empty space.

Lineberger took the footprint of the closet space in the bedroom and created a winding stairway up to an open balcony and filled it with light by adding a dormer window in the clipped roofline over the stairway. The 280-square-foot storage area in the attic was also added over the master bedroom with a formal dressing room with built-in-armoire for hanging clothes, purses, and shoes. The closet even has its own center island with extra drawers and a window seat formed by a dormer. Other attic spaces —- about 185 square feet—were converted into a cedar-lined storage closet and a craft room for gift wrapping and art projects for the homeowners' two kids.

The resulting closet not only adds plenty of storage space, but it's become another room. In fact, the homeowner says it's "become a new hangout."

Average job cost $42,426
Resale value $30,579
Cost recouped 72.1%

What the realtor says

"In my opinion, this renovation would yield a low return on investment. The seller is adding more heated square footage to the home, but is it livable square footage or simply used for storage as a closet? I would imagine that the seller would not recoup the initial investment, as only a small buyer pool will find value in this renovation." —Bryant Stadler, Realtor, Helen Adams Realty

Where They Added Value

  1. Used space more efficiently. The previously unused portions of the attic were converted to functional storage space, and the renovation added heated square footage to the home.
  2. Added Insulation. The converted attic space is now a temperature-controlled buffer to the master suite below.
  3. Energy efficient. An old, large water heater was replaced with a more efficient tankless unit.
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