McCrory Edges Closer to Run For Governor

It's looking more likely that Pat McCrory will run for governor. He's clearly been itching for a run at higher office for years, but the timing has never been right. He'll also have to convince his wife, who tends to avoid the limelight that her gregarious husband craves. (Some interesting stats after the jump.)

A few weeks ago, McCrory commissioned a statewide poll to gauge his viability as a candidate. According to numbers he just released, voters seem to view him favorably. He, of course, is spinning these numbers a little, but in the Republican primary, the poll has McCrory in the lead over three candidates who have already announced, with 39% of voters still undecided. For the general election, the poll has him even with Beverly Perdue and Richard Moore.

McCrory has said he will think about this over the holidays and make a decision sometime soon. One consideration for him will be his wife, Ann. She doesn't like the limelight, and as the mayor's wife, she's been able to still forge her own career and let Pat do all the necessary public appearances. She won't have that option as the state's First Lady.

Still, I think he'll run. At one point, it looked like he would end up with some sort of federal appointment, but that did not pan out. Now, it looks like we might have a Democratic administration, which closes that door. And it looks like Sue Myrick has no intentions of giving up her Congressional seat anytime soon, closing that door. Which leaves Governor. Of late, Charlotte candidates have not done well in statewide races. But the poll shows that he has a shot. It could be now or never for Pat, and I think he'll take his shot. 

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