Mixing Business with Pleasure


The hottest thing in this tough economy: women making business deals after a good facial at the spa. "Conversation is different when you don’t have your makeup on," says Monica Bew, who works in the insurance industry and whose clientele is 80 percent women. "They appreciate it and remember us. Most importantly, they think about us before the competition." Ryan Dona, spa manager at the Ritz-Carlton, says at least once or twice a week there are women striking deals during treatments. "There are so many less distractions. It lets people open up more and it’s continuing to increase." At the Spa at Ballantyne, they’ve actually designed an entire program around the idea. "The spa can customize a program for a group of people or we’ll even send someone to your office to teach a tai chi class," says Christina Thigpen, director of marketing/PR.

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