Modernizing the Classic Pearl Accessory

Chris Edwards

No two brides are alike, so why should your pearls be? If you’re ready to kick your single white strand to the curb, or just want an update on the classic standby, try on one (or two) of these multicolored stunners for your wedding day.

1. Freshwater Pearl with Multicolored Semiprecious Stones Necklace. $2,400, Elizabeth Bruns 2. Gold Pearl Necklace, $12,500, Lion’s Jewelers 3. South Sea Pearl with 18K Drop Diamond Necklace, $2,800, Elizabeth Bruns, Inc. 4. Princess Kate Pearl and Quartz Necklace, $172, On-a-String Beadshop 5. Lenora Dame Pearl Necklace, $130, Monkee’s 6. Graetful Necklace, $300, Kristin Morris 7. Peach Pearl and Diamond Bracelet, $9,250, Hotham 8. David Yurman Pearl Bracelet, $1,350, Lion’s Jewelers 9. Large Pearl Drop and Gold Plated Bracelet, $118, Laura James Jewelry

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