Monkee's of Morrocroft Kick-off Summer Sale

Monkee's of Morrocroft

It’s the first official day of summer—yay! The mark of this new season (umm, didn’t summer kind of start in March around here?) doesn’t carry any great weight in the world of fashion, but it’s just a reminder that it’s “officially” really, really hot outside. Personally, I would prefer to limit my summer wardrobe to a bathing suit, but judgment tells me that’s not going to fly. Instead, I’ve resolved myself to the mission of finding as many to-die-for pieces as I can so that at least, when I’m sweating like a pig, I’ll look stylish. Monkee’s of Morrocroft clearly understands my budget and is cordially complying with it; the shop’s Kick-off Summer Sale starts tomorrow and runs through Sunday, June 24. This sale is ridiculously generous, guys; it’s buy one, get one free on any spring shoes or clothes (free items must be of lesser value, and all items are final sale)!  

Thanks a million, Monkee’s; your perfectly-timed sale has saved me from becoming the “bikini blogger.”  

3900 Colony Rd, Ste. E; 704-442-7337

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