More Madden Madness, ft. the Panthers

Unless we're talking old school Nintendo, I don't play many video games these days. But apparently I'm putting myself on Charlotte Magazine's Madden NFL 16 beat. 

Earlier this month, we explained why some Panthers players are mad at the wildly popular video game. Within the past week, two more Carolina-related Madden items have been making the rounds on the internet. 

In his "Breaking Madden" series, SB Nation's Jon Bois uncovered an interesting nugget: Moving Cam Newton to running back makes him Carolina's top back and 13th best in the league. 



There's also a clip floating around that features the Panthers and Cardinals chasing a fumble for nearly 10 minutes. It's likely a glitch, or, after watching January's sloppy playoff game between the two teams, perhaps developers think it's a possible real-life scenario. 

If you have nothing better to do, you can watch the whole thing below. Or you can skip to the end where Ron Rivera appears to take a glance at his watch.

A 9-minute, 25-second fumble could threaten Sunday night dinner plans for the suddenly much heavier Panthers' coach. 


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