Mornings in Charlotte: A Photo Essay by Logan Cyrus

Steam rises off the pond at Freedom Park as the sun peeks over the hardwoods that surround it.

EVERY DAY, every dawn, the same sun invents a new city, not quite what it was yesterday, not quite what it was last night, because in cities, the rays bring opportunity—a chance to shake hands and be better, a chance to jog and be slimmer, a chance to work and create something taller, a chance to make sure that tomorrow’s city will be not quite what it was today.


A year after the streetcar opened in July 2015, the Hawthorne Lane stop is regularly filled with people waiting for a ride uptown.


Charlotte is defined by the work being done here. Construction workers and businesspeople share the same sidewalks each morning, and uniforms range from suits to hard hats to reflective vests. 

Construction workers for the new 300 South Tryon building in uptown meet for their morning safety briefing. 


“We grow what we love and love what we grow,” Kim Shaw says of her Small City Farms on Auten Road, about five miles outside of uptown. She grows and raises as much as she can on the three acres of land—from arugula (above) to chickens and fresh lettuce—and sells much of it through a community-supported agriculture organization.


A jogger huffs along the loop at Freedom Park on a warm spring morning. 


What’s morning without a bakery? Glynnis Brown, baker at Dukes Bread, first divides up dough to be baked into fresh brioche rolls, then she sprinkles a little flour. Finally, after a quick browning in the oven, the rolls sit in all their buttery goodness.


Workers make their way across the Tryon Street bridge from South End to uptown. 

This article appears in the July 2016 issue of Charlotte Magazine

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