Music Tuesday April 6

Missed last week due to some hairy magazine deadlines, but back at it this week. I hope you’ve figured out that although I call this segment "Music Tuesday," the actual publish day is a bit, um, fluid. Not too many shows on my radar this week, but here are ones worth checking out:

Thursday, April 7
Pico vs. Island Trees at Evening Muse (late show)
I don’t know the band is called that, and I’m not going to look it up. A bit twee if you ask me. But I like their sound. It’s got a classic pop ring to it–somewhat radio-friendly actually. I could see XM or Sirius in particular going crazy over these guys. Seeing them play the intimate Muse should be a treat. You can preview Pico’s newest record below. Do I detect a slight Commodores influence?

<a href="" _fcksavedurl="">Take It Witchu by Pico vs Island Trees</a>


Friday and Saturday, April 8-9
Cash Bash at Puckett’s Farm Equipment
I’m going out on a bit of a limb here. I have heard good things, but I have never been to Puckett’s. It’s a no-frills venue in the Derita neighborhood. But this show sounds pretty cool. This two-night affair is a tribute to The Man in Black. (Johnny Cash, not Roy Orbison. But Roy would be cool too.) Ten bands will each cover at least two Cash songs during their sets. I don’t know many of the bands on the bill. But I have seen the Truckstop Preachers (Friday night), and I wholeheartedly approve. The lead singer actually sounds a lot like early Johnny, but they have much more of a rockabilly sound. So if you’re in the mood for a little Johnny Cash sounding rockabilly honkytonk, head to Derita this weekend. Here’s some background.

Saturday, April 9
Farewell Drifters with the Honeycutters at Evening Muse (early show)
Had never heard of the Farewell Drifters before researching this post. But their sound is perfect for a pleasant Spring weekend, which this one promises to be. Very folk-y with some tinges of bluegrass, complete with harmonies and string-picking and whatnot. Should be a fun one. Here’s a video from their new CD, due out in June.

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