Music Tuesday March 9 Edition

Welcome to the Wednesday edition of Music Tuesday. Solid lineup of shows this week. Wish I was going to be in town to check out one or two or three, but the ACC Tournament beckons from Greensboro. March belongs to college basketball, y’all.

Thursday, March 11
Robert Earl Keen at Neighborhood Theatre
Though I would have been two years old at the time, I kinda wish I’d spent some time in College Station, Texas in 1974 when Robert Earl Keen and Lyle Lovett were roommates and would play evenings on the front porch. That would have been something. It’s always a good time when Texas singer/songwriter Robert Earl Keen plays a show. He’s known for the party song "The Road Goes on Forever (and the Party Never Ends," which is indeed a great song, but his repertoire includes a variety of sad stories and happy stories and road stories and even a dysfunctional family Christmas story. Good stuff, all around. Have a Shiner Bock for me.

"Feelin’ Good Again," one of the all-time great Friday afternoon songs.


Friday March 12
Girls, Guns, and Glory with Janet Robin and Middle Distance Runner at Evening Muse
This is an intriguing triple bill. The headliner Girls, Guns, and Glory has a sort of rockabilly/country sound that should rock the Muse. Janet Robin plays a mean guitar and writes a good song. And Middle Distance Runner employs more of an idie ethos. Looks like a good night of tunes.

Saturday March 13
Southern Culture on the Skids with Aqualads at Visulite
Southern Culture on the Skids borders on novelty act with some of its southern-fried songs (and they’ve been known to toss fried chicken and banana pudding into the audience), but they draw good crowds and have fun with their live shows. Opener Aqualads, from Charlotte, play terrific surf rock, including plenty of instrumentals.