Musically Inclined

Chris Edwards

She’s only twenty-five, but Karin Bliznik has already played the trumpet alongside infamous rapper Kanye West and had the chance to perform in music festivals as far away as Japan and Switzerland. Now the Boston University grad is moving into the role of principal trumpet player for the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra. Bliznik fell in love with the instrument while growing up in Brockton, Massachusetts, and constantly heard the sounds of a trumpet from her jazz-player neighbor across the street. These days, when Bliznik’s not playing with the symphony, you can often find her at one of three local churches that allow her to practice in their sanctuaries. “Charlotte is really open about music,” says Bliznik. “You’re fine-tuning yourself all day long and trying to make yourself better.” This month see Bliznik perform in Magic of Christmas, December 4-6 at Belk Theater.

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