Myers Park, Eastover

Long the grand dames of in-town Charlotte neighborhoods, it’s almost impossible to go wrong here. The location is prime, the homes stately, the trees magnificent. Depending on your exact location, schools are very good, although many parents still opt for private education because, well, they can. Still, it’s not as if homes are going like hotcakes here. Houses that need work or aren’t in absolute prime spots are sitting. And sitting. Prices may have to come down a little.

PROS Location, history, and the blue-blood factor. “Good houses are always going to sell in our market,” says HM Properties co-owner Patty Hendrix, who specializes in Myers Park and has been in the biz twenty-one years.

CONS Loans are tougher to come by, and houses here regularly top $1 million. “I’m starting to feel like banks just don’t want to give out money,” one broker says. Also, the relocation market has slowed way down due to troubles in other areas of the country, which has affected the buyer pool. “It’s rare to have multiple offers now,” says Hendrix. “It used to be common.”

VERDICT If you can afford it, it’s hard to go wrong in Myers Park or Eastover. If you’re selling, prepare to be patient, and if you bought less than two years ago, don’t expect a profit.