New Money

“Baller” is hip-hop influenced slang for a person who has a lot of money. It makes sense when you consider that pro athletes, who are also known as ballers (basketball, football, baseball), are heavy in the dough as well.  

Over the summer, 2 Charlotte Bobcats cashed in. Gerald Wallace re-signed for 6 years, $57 million. About 3 weeks earlier, the team acquired Jason Richardson in a trade and will pay him $51 million over the next 4 seasons.

Carolina Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith signed a contract extension in 5/07. His new 6-year deal will pay him $43.85 million, which included a $9.3 million signing bonus.

So who’s the biggest baller in the city? Well, Richardson averages the most per year at $12.75 million, but Smith averages the most per game at $456,770. Either way, they’ll each earn more in 2 months than most of us will make in a lifetime. 

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