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5 Mountain Escapes Near Charlotte

The Appalachian mountains are practically in Charlotte’s backyard. This season, drive west and find a cozy place to stay—a yurt, a tiny home, or a luxury cabin­—while you sip the local moonshine (or beer, or wine) and watch the sun set behind the peaks

Slap Shots & Elvis & Bad Guys & Jesus: The Story Behind That Famous Charlotte Coliseum Marquee

If ever the marquee of a performance venue could capture the contradictory, heat-struck culture of 1970s Charlotte, this was surely it. This photo has become a piece of Charlotte iconography: four acts that don’t seem to belong in the same galaxy, much less the same arena. But they all fit into the old Charlotte Coliseum, and they left a lot of stories behind, even if Billy Graham never got a chance to wrestle Elvis

11 Fall Festivals Arriving Soon in Charlotte

Is there a better time or place for outdoor festivals than fall in North Carolina? Here are festivals coming up where you can get some fresh air—without sweating your backside off—and human connection. It’s hard to say which we’re craving more.

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