Not-Your-Grandparents' Film Series

From reading the Facebook page or the website, you might suspect this is a group of teenage misfits screening movies in their parents’ basement. In reality, it’s a group of adult misfits, and they’re screening movies every month in a real theater.

The group is actually legit, too. Founded this year as an offshoot of the venerable Charlotte Film Society, the Back Alley Film Series brings offbeat cinema to a city that hasn’t always gone for anything outside the mainstream. 

The group kicks off its series on Thursday, Aug 18 with Trollhunter. As the title suggests, this Norwegian film is about someone who hunts trolls. It was shot in a documentary style, and the actors improvised most of the action and dialogue. It doesn’t get much more "back alley" than that. View the trailer.

(Well, actually, it may. The group is showing Hobo with a Shotgun on Aug 25.) The fun begins on Aug 18 at 7:30 p.m. at CrownPoint Cinemas. The group has a bizarro line-up planned through October, including a film about Ninjas and one about those age-old rivals — college coeds and hillbillies. Learn more here. 

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