Now We Need Your Big Ideas

The August issue of Charlotte mag is what we're calling our Geniuses & Big Ideas issue. In it, we profile several local people and present several "big ideas" that we think will go a long way toward making Charlotte a better and more interesting city. Now we need your big ideas.


We’re a part of a media coalition called Mission Possible. Nine media oulets are working together to find ways to meet the expanding, critical needs of area charities, which have been battered by the economy and funding cuts, even as need is increasing exponentially. One of our key iniatives is to solicit ideas from everyone in the community about how to address this crisis.

The Mission Possible coalition is working with a local firm called Edison Nation to gather ideas from the community. Edison Nation will gather everyone’s ideas, sort them, then work with a community panel to help prioritize them. You may be familiar with Edison Nation’s work through "Everyday Edisons", a show on PBS that tracks inventions from the back-of-the-cocktail-napkin stage to fruition. They hope to do the same with your ideas for addressing this crisis.

To submit your ideas (you have until September 7), and to track all of the efforts of Mission Possible, go to