October 2009

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Best High Schools

The Big Squeeze

The scale of this year's CMS budget cuts is breathtaking. But perhaps we should look at this as an opportunity. Plus: what the kids have to say about it all
By Jill Waldbieser

The Best Public High Schools

Our exclusive, first-ever ranking of the area's top public high schools
Edited by Blake Miller

Anthony Foxx

John Lassiter

Special Coverage:
A Mayoral Race That Matters

Man of the Past

If elected, Democrat Anthony Foxx would be Charlotte's youngest mayor, by one year. But for a young guy, he has quite a history with the city. And that's what he's counting on
By Jen Pilla Taylor

Being John Lassiter

Despite more than a decade in elected office, Republican John Lassiter is relatively unknown. He's also closely linked to the incumbent. His chances in November's election may depend on how well he emerges from both his own and Pat McCrory's shadow
By Melissa Hankins
Land of Apples

Land of Apples Web Only Content

Long before Johnny Appleseed and long before Washington state became the nation's number-one grower of apples, Henderson County was the birthplace of America's most iconic fruit
By April White


Life Lines
Even in a sputtering economy, our trees stand tall. So we've got that going for us
By Laurie Prince

First Person
I gave up the Internet for three wonderful weeks. And now I'm pretty sure I want an iPhone
By Van Miller


Forty years of the Milestone Web Only Content

NASCAR's Jeremy Mayfield's Jerry Springer-esque saga. Plus, the Wells Fargo Wachovia culture clash … over shirts

Newcomer versus long timer: twenty-two ways to do Charlotte

Looking inside the lives of the city's working poor Web Only Content

The ultimate running guide. Plus, must-have gear and race info Web Only Content

Mission Possible
Our handy guide to finding the best place to volunteer Web Only Content

The city's best party pics

The hottest headwear for fall

Favorite products for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Swapping high-end, designer handbags

Vintage gets new life. Plus, the stylish find of the month

Best Bets
This month's hottest events

What to do and see in October


NoDa's Crêpe Cellar hits a sweet and savory mark

À la Carte
News and gossip from the city's restaurant scene. Plus, talking with chef Jeremy Sabo of just opened Vivace and organic street cuisine in uptown

Aloft's w xyz bar is the classically cool place to chill at the EpiCentre

The area's six best (unexpected!) burgers

The city's savviest restaurant listings