Oh, So Now the Rules Are Simple?

From an e-mail sent to at least some registered Democrats in Mecklenburg County, urging them to organize precincts:


To All Democrats: Your Party Needs You!

Please help build the Mecklenburg County Democratic Party by assisting to organize your precinct.  
Although we may have our differences of opinion, we know that we are on the same side and that only by working together can we achieve a stronger democratic party and a better future.
The rules are very simple and easy to follow and can be found at NCDP.org and www.meckdems.net (see below).
With your help, we can move forward, together.

Couple things on this. First, wouldn't have made sense to organize an effort like this a few months ago, instead of making an arbitrary decision to relax the precinct-organizing rules, which in effect allowed all hell to break loose? Second, if the rules indeed "are very simple and easy to follow," then why weren't they?

(Background: As part of the sheriff-"election" mess, the state Democratic Council of Review (I think my college fraternity had something similar for pledges who got out of line) ordered the local Dems to hold precinct-organization meetings at local polling places on Feb 19, hence e-mails like this trying to rally the troops. Of course, it might have been easier to rally said troops back when there was an actual election about to take place. But anyway.)

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