On Panthers' Plates Thursday: Not Much Turkey

Six Panthers talk about their Thanksgiving dinner favorites. From Cam Newton's fish to Mike Tolbert's cabbage, there's not a lot of love for the traditional turkey.

Quarterback Cam Newton

“It has to be fish. I am a pescatarian. I cannot eat any meat. But the thing I really look forward to is the sides. The macaroni and cheese, the mashed potatoes, collard greens. Just good eating with good people. 

Fullback Mike Tolbert

“HoneyBaked Ham that my mom makes. I love cabbage. Cornbread, fried turkey, cranberry sauce — out of the can, not homemade, … [cabbage] is the only green [my mom] would be able to get me to eat when I was little, … I count green apples as a vegetable cause it’s green. You’ve got to look at me. You know I’m a meat and potatoes guy. When you get me to eat something green, you’re feeling lucky."

Wide Receiver Kelvin Benjamin

“Collard greens. I love dressing. I love duck. Turkey. Sweet potato pie. Red velvet cake."

Wide Receiver Philly Brown

“Ham, for sure. Ham and mashed potatoes is really the only thing I eat. I’m more excited for the football games. The Cowboys/Eagles game — that’s the one I’m going to be watching. That’s the big divider of my family."

Linebacker Thomas Davis

“Ham, dressing, macaroni and cheese, collard greens, fried chicken. Gotta have it. [My wife] Kelly is the best at it. I love it. I’m not a real big turkey guy.”

Safety Thomas DeCoud

“My wife makes a mean corn, shrimp and okra, so that’s the soup kind of part. Actually, we do a lot of lamb. I’m not too big on turkey, but we’ll have it just because it’s Thanksgiving. But I love lamb. Lamb is my thing."