On the Run: 3 Sneakers, 3 Running Routes

Finally, you can step off that boring treadmill and take your run outdoors. We found three funky pairs of running sneakers and matched them each with great local running routes.

1. Castle Rock by Asics, $105.99

Omega Sports
Route: The Wards
Start: Second Ward’s Charlotte City Center Courtyard Marriott
Miles: 3.75
Terrain: Mixture of flat land and hills; sidewalk access


2. Wave Elixir by Mizuno, $105,

Run for Your Life
Route: Morrocroft Circle
Start: Carmel Road
Miles: 3.57
Terrain: Flat with limited hills


3. Lunarglide by Nike $100, Nordstrom

Route: The Booty Loop
Start: Freedom Park’s tennis courts
Miles: 3.09
Terrain: Mixture of flat land and hills

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