On the Same Page

Local author Judy Goldman shares her summer reading picks

A Widow’s Story, by Joyce Carol Oates

“[This book] confirmed what I know to be true: facing grief, we have to get lost in the forest of the self before we can arrive at the clearing on the other side.”

Goldengrove, by Francine Prose

“A graceful, psychologically complex novel.”

Lost in the City, by Edward P. Jones

“Every story in this collection is a stunner, but if you read only one, make sure it’s ‘The First Day.’ It will break your heart.”

Blood, Bones, and Butter, a memoir by Gabrielle Hamilton

“I was interested in the fact that [Hamilton] became a chef even though her true love had been writing. For years I was an advertising copywriter. It wasn’t until my fortieth birthday that I decided I would turn to writing poetry, then fiction, then memoir.”

Room, by Emma Donoghue

“This is one I want to read this summer. So many friends whose taste I respect have said how deeply affecting
this novel is.”


Judy Goldman is the author of Early Leaving and The Slow Way Back

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