Online Finds: J. Crew Heels

Jenn and I work in an office with two other women. For this reason there is much discussion of fashion, style, and “is that a new dress you’re wearing today? where did you get it?” just about every day. In fact, I’ve already listed off the brand of every single thing I’m wearing to my co-workers this morning. (In case you were wondering, it’s all Target. In my defense as a style blogger it’s Richard Chai for Target, Patrick Robinson for Target, and Isaac Mizrahi for Target. I’m an admitted sucker for designer labels—no matter how mass market they are.)

Anyway, you probably weren’t wondering what I was wearing at all. Because you were probably wondering where you can get your hands on those fabulous shoes above. Which brings me to a very style-savvy part of our little office: our intern, Evans. Most days, before Evans has even had the chance to sit down, we’re demanding to know where she purchased her latest outfit. This morning she brought these gorgeous J. Crew shoes to our attention. And we thought we should share them with you.

Right now, they’re on sale ($150 down from $198). You should buy them. And then you should thank Evans.

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