Online Finds: Piperlime Clothes

I love shopping. Obviously. (See pretty much every previous entry in this blog.) However, I also love doing a whole lot of other things. Things that involve me hopefully (fingers crossed) wearing the cute, new items I bought shopping. But those things take away from shopping time. You see my dilemma? Fashionable attire doesn’t just arrive on your doorstep people.

Oh wait. Yes, it does. Ah, the beauty of online shopping and delivery.

And there is reason 5,000,001 that I LOVE the internet. Reason 5,000,002?, one of my favorite online stores for footwear and handbags, has just announced that come mid-to-late August they’re going to be selling around 65 different lines of clothing. Stuff like Juicy Couture, Joe’s Jeans, and Riller & Fount. Sure, you can already buy most of these lines online, but now they’ll all be in one place—making that arrival on your doorstep just a little bit easier. Now isn’t that nice?