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Once, in a fit of Type-A madness, I went through all of my back issues of Real Simple, Lucky and Domino and cut out all the pictures of things that inspired me – outfits, color schemes, floral arrangements, kitchen decor – all of it. I spent hours painstakingly slipping my precious finds into clear plastic sleeves and organizing them into notebooks with tabbed subject dividers. I have never felt so gloriously productive in all my life! I had SUCH big plans to use these notebooks to inspire me to create new outfits out of my existing wardrobe, guide me on my shopping trips, and generally provide me with a bible of my personal style. Skip to a year later, I haven’t added to or looked at a single one of these glorious notebooks of mine. Truly. Sad.

That is why I was so thrilled to be introduced to Polyvore, where I can click and drag images of clothes, shoes, purses, jewlery and anything else that catches my eye onto a blank board and save it online for easy access when I need a quick hit of inspiration. Not only that, Polyvore also allows you to click through to an items origin page for easy purchase when day dreaming just won’t do.

I wish I had known about this a year ago… could have saved myself a lot of paper cuts.

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