Online Finds: Ponytail Holders

Oh Etsy. How we love you with your crafty gems and vintage-ish looks. If there was ever an online spot where we could spend our entire life savings without blinking an eye, it is here.

The real beauty of Etsy rests though in the fact that just when we think we’ve found our absolute favorite vendor of all time, another one pops up and all of the sudden we’re torn again. Today is a perfect example of this problem. I’m meandering through the site, checking out my favorite clothing vendors, when what do I find, but these lovely little ponytail holders. I didn’t even know I needed ponytail holders until I saw these! But, well, now I see that I obviously, absolutely do.

Our advice? Check out the ponytail holders and then jump around a little more on Etsy. You’ll be hooked before you know it.