Online Finds: Sale at Banana

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, stylish readers.  Our illustrious editor, Sarah, is galavanting in Belize for an upcoming travel feature story and while she was kind enough to invite me, she was unwilling to help me knock over a shoe store and sell my loot on the black market in order to be able to pay my own way down there to accompany her.  Sheesh. 

Obviously, the fact that I am not in Belize right now means I don’t have an excess of cash lying around my bank account (and who does really), so I was pretty pleased to see that Banana Republic was putting a TON of their inventory on sale for up to 60%.  Once my Christmas shopping is complete and I can assess the damage done to my debit card, you can bet I’ll be scooping up a few things at the Banana.  Namely, perhaps, this bag.