Online Finds:

While certainly we are of the opinion that this blog should be your mecca for any and all information pertaining to online deals of a certain caliber, we felt that as responsible fashionistas (and perhaps, “reccessionistas”, though we are not super excited about the overuse of that particular new moniker by every single gossip and fashion mag and blog the last few weeks), we should inform you about one other little website that might point you to a few good discounts that is worth a glance. 

Ugh. Fine. We’re done playing coy and confident. This website beats ours  silly with a sturdy Marc Jacobs handbag when it comes to finding the best online sales, and you’d be crazy not to surf on over RIGHT now and find out what it is all about. Or stay here, and we’ll explain it. 
Here’s the skinny: 
You go to
You enter your email address.
 Then you click off the names of any and all designers that you might have a hankering for.  Our list included everything from Ann Taylor Loft (laugh if you like but their coats this season are beyond adorbs), to Nanette Lepore, to Tory Burch, to Michael Kors. 
Then you give them your sizes (your real ones, no one will ever know but you), and chose the days on which you’d like to hear from them and…
 VOILA! Less than 10 minutes later you’ve got an email in your inbox that contains every item (including shoes and accessories) on the web that fits your designer and size description that is currently reduced, slashed and on sale. 
It’s basically like having your own personal assistant scour the internet to find out if there is ANYTHING you might like, and then packaging it up neatly with a photo, a link, and the pretty price tag, tying it with a fluffy pink bow and laying it upon your pillow.  
Okay We admit defeat. We bow to your superior sale-scoping skills. As a symbol of our humility, please accept this gift of fabulous, stylish readers who we will now lay in your capable hands.  Treat them well. 
What are you waiting for readers? Get signed up and start shopping!  Now if you’ll excuse us, there is a pair of J.Crew Mary Janes that showed up in our latest sale mail that needs investigating.