Online Finds: Valentine’s Day Gifts

Okay gentlemen, listen up: 

First of all, we know it sucks to be you. Ze Day of Amore is only a few days away and every woman in America is counting on you to really come out strong this time around. The expectations are high:  Be romantic! Be generous!  Be sensitive! Be thoughtful! What’s worse is that only thing you have to guide you is an unfathomable amount of completely inescapable advertisements instructing you to run out and buy some of the most soul-squelching, fugly merchandise ever created by man or beast.  How are you supposed to come out ahead in this situation?  Best case scenario, you’ve bought your lady an 8-ft teddy bear that she will have to secretly sell at a friend’s garage sale and then pretend that it was stolen by a very plush-specific robber – and you’ll be out several hundred dollars during what we have been assured is no “ordinary recession.” 
We feel for you, which is why Shoptalk has decided to step in and show you the path to V-Day success – and here is the best part:  You don’t have to reinvent the wheel AND you don’t have to spend a lot of money. You just have to listen to us. 
1.  Step away from the heart-shaped jewelry! There is absolutely nothing romantic about a magenta “diamond” that was made in test tube, and it is clinically proven that heart-shaped jewelry is one of those things that seems like a good idea on February 13th, 14th and maybe even as a novelty on the 15th, but come Monday, it will go back into the jewelry box never to be seen again –  just like the faux-diamond studs I bought in the shape of Mickey Mouse. They were a stylish, playful HOOT while I was actually in Disney World, but back in the real world it quickly became painfully evident that I was wearing small rodents on my lobes and nobody was buying my argument that”ironic youthfulness” was the new in-trend. 
Instead buy these: 
A classy (and classic) watch that she’ll wear for eons to come. $134 by Stuhrling from
Whimsical hoop earrings that scream “light-hearted romance”. $68 by Juicy Couture available at
2. Flowers are fine.  Yes, that’s right. It is perfectly acceptable to show up with a blooming bouquet on Valentine’s Day. Just as long as they aren’t red. Or all roses. Especially not all red roses.  For the love of cupid – do not buy a single red rose. Please. 
Instead buy these: 

A delicate grouping of hot pink lilies. Sexy, sweet and totally special. $39 and up from
A textured bunch of rich purple blooms. Unexpected but not unfamiliar, and likely to be unforgettable. $39 and up from
3. Don’t underestimate the power of the pen – and avoid a pre-canned card.  No matter what gift you decide to grab this Valentine’s Day, make it extra memorable by putting pen to paper and telling your special lady how you feel. It doesn’t have to be so mushy that your gag-reflex starts to act up –  it just has to be personal. Retell a story of a day that you all spent together. Remind her of something that made you both laugh. Quote a favorite show or movie (my husband and I have been known to pepper our “love notes” with completely unrelated in-jokes from Arrested Development). It doesn’t even have to be long, it just has to be obvious that you didn’t write it in the car sitting out side her apartment.  Valentine’s cards aren’t a bad call, but it will be better if you don’t lean on a greeting card to do your communicating for you. Trust me on this one. 
Instead go here: 
Paper Twist – 6401 Morrison Blvd, 704.366.3100 
Salutations – 14825 John J. Delaney Drive, 704.369.5260
For selections of stationary she’ll love. Hint: Use the first piece yourself and then gift her with the rest in addition to your other offering.

Okay guys, you are all set. Get shopping and then go get lucky. Just remember the gals that got you there: Sarah and Jenn – turning V-Day zeroes into Valentine Heroes, one blog post at a time.