Opinion: Follow the Feather

Lt. Gov. Dan Forest’s appeal to common nonsense

Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest has a special message for folks in Mecklenburg County. Pardon the pun, but it’s pretty rich.

There are all sorts of reasons for the drop in the county’s unemployment rate since early 2013 and rises in job numbers and tourism industry intake: An overall improving economy, Charlotte’s persistent growth, playoff appearances by the Carolina Panthers. Suffice it to say that Dan Forest, whose primary duty as lieutenant governor is to preside over the Senate, has nothing at all to do with them. And considering his vehement support of House Bill 2, the economic impact of which is estimated in the hundreds of millions, his taking credit for a more robust economy in Mecklenburg County is actually kind of amusing.

As is the ad’s kicker: “Run, Forest, run.” Cute, and an interesting choice. I thought that character was a simpleton who wanders through life without the slightest idea of what’s happening around him.  

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