Opinion: What Part of 'Keep Our State Straight' Don't You Get?

Clearly, the GOP candidate for AG just wants a non-curved state

See, House Bill 2 isn’t anti-gay or anti-LGBT. Course not. That’s just another radical liberal lie. The law is entirely about protecting our precious women and children, is all. Just ask your Republican candidate for state attorney general, Senator Buck Newton.

Oops. What’s he mean by that, I wonder?

Oh, nothing like that. Perish the thought. Y’all lib’ruls are just looking for things to get mad about.

Newton's remarks drew fire from both independent liberal groups and the state Democratic Party, which called on Newton to apologize.

Speaking Tuesday, Newton said he had nothing to apologize for, repeating that the bill was aimed at keeping "men out of the bathroom with little girls."

"I think the silly season is upon us, and I think this whole effort by the Democratic Party is to be expected," he said. "I never mentioned gays or anyone. So, I'm not quite sure how they made that leap. Maybe they're being a little sensitive."

Pressed as to whether he meant to implicate a gay-straight dynamic, Newton replied, "I don't know how they made that connection. I never mentioned anything about homosexuality."

Clever. I’m sure he and his friends had a good chuckle about it over by the monkey bars.

You ask me, I don’t want an apology from Newton. I want him beaten.

In the election, of course. I never said a word about violence. Quit being so sensitive.

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