Orchids Become Living Art


THERE'S A REASON orchids are a common gift for events from housewarming parties to Mother’s Day: They’re beautiful, and it doesn’t take much of a green thumb to keep some varieties of the flower alive. Pamela Lovett uses one such hardy orchid, the Grand White, to create what she calls living floral art. Prices begin at $85 for a single-orchid arrangement, but they can be customized. Lovett’s tips on how to keep an orchid alive are easy to follow: Don’t put them too close to a vent, and make sure they have natural light. Despite what you may have heard, she doesn’t recommend putting ice cubes on the plant to water it—she says that can shock the roots. Instead, fill a medicine cup with water, and pour that over the soil. pamelaorchidsandmore.com

Categories: Outdoor Living